A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a continuing education program offered fully online. At the moment University of Tartu offers two free of charge MOOCs in the field of analytical chemistry (completely in English):

  • LC-MS Method Validation
    • Course authors: Ivo Leito, Koit Herodes, Karin Kipper, Riin Rebane, Anneli Kruve, Hanno Evard, Maarja-Liisa Oldekop
    • Training volume: 2 ECTS
    • Course duration: 11 weeks
    • Course dates: 27.11.2018 to 08.02.2019
    • Target group: Introductory level knowledge of analytical chemistry, as well as liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry is required. More advanced knowledge of analytical chemistry and introductory knowledge of mathematical statistics is an advantage.

MOOCs by University of Tartu are based in Moodle learning platform and all the information for the successful completion of the course is available for the participants. Courses are divided into thematic sections and participants must independently study the provided materials as well as pass weekly tests. In the case of confusion, questions about the topics can be asked on the discussion board. Participants who fully pass the course receive an electronic certificate.


Training courses by the Testing Centre of University of Tartu:

  • Validation of analytical methods (in Estonian)
  • Radiation safety training for radiation workers (in Estonian)
  • Practical introduction to instrumental analysis methods (in Estonian)
  • Practical aspects of laboratory work (in Estonian and Russian)
  • Gas chromatography (in Estonian)
  • MS Excel based reports and summaries at chemical laboratory (in Estonian)
  • Estimating measurement uncertainty at chemical laboratory. Base course. (in Estonian)

Training courses by the R&D unit of chemical analysis in Tallinn University of Technology (all in Estonian):

  • Instrumental analysis methods
  • Assuring quality in instrumental laboratory
  • Processing test data in chemistry
  • Validation of analytical methods
  • Correct pipetting techniques

Estonian Environmental Research Centre organises trainings for water sampling (in Estonian).

Last modified: 03.01.2019