Core facilities

ECAC is based on the long-term experience of the University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Environmental Research Centre and the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics in the field of analytical chemistry and materials research, concerning the organisation of studies as well as different research projects. ECAC has a professional research and support personnel to help accomplish its goals. The core of ECAC is made up of the high-quality analysis laboratories of their partners and also the necessary means to organise studies and training on different levels. Also, there are several major laboratories in Estonia that are interested in cooperation on analytical chemistry projects.

Core facilities  can provide or assist with:

  • development of different analytical methods;
  • difficult and non-routine analyses;
  • quality assurance of analytical results;
  • cooperation towards technology development;
  • quality control of products;
  • assistance on introducing new products;
  • specialised training;
  • etc.

Biomedicinal, food and environment core laboratory
FT-ICR MS, LC-MS, tandem-MS and CE systems allow different applications (analysis of various analytes in different matrices).

Material science, geology and archeology core laboratory
FT-IR micro spectroscopy, x-ray analysis instruments and LA-ICP-MS provide different element analysis. PPMS allows to study the physical properties of various materials.

Industrial, legal and applied core laboratory
Instruments such as GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS and NMR can provide different methods and development. PPMS and X-ray instruments are routinely used in the study and characterization of various materials, including magnetic materials, solid drug formulations, pigments, ashes, etc. Co-operation is searched for with different enterprises for specialised product development and innovative applications. Service is provided for enterprises in need for method development or support for product development. Co-operation with different public law agencies is established.