All experimental sciences need analytical chemistry as a tool.

The main objectives of ECAC are:
  • Pooling of resources and competence to conduct high–quality measurements in analytical chemistry.
  • Assisting research and development activities in the field of analytical chemistry
  • Supporting high-level education in analytical chemistry and its quality assurance aspects, including university studies.
  • Representing Estonian analytical chemistry at the international level, both in basic and applied research.

Mission of Estonian Centre for Analytica Chemistry (ECAC) is to ensure high quality chemical analysis and chemistry education in Estonia.

In order to accomplish this mission, ECAC:
  • manages and develops high-level infrastructure for chemical research.
  • aims to be a single reference point for industry and other institutions in all questions related to analytical chemistry.
  • provides support for research and development, training, proficiency testing and other collaborations.
Estonian core infrastructures

The Ministry of Education and Research together with the Estonian Academy of Sciences has launched a process of compiling the Estonian roadmap of research infrastructures. Proceeding from the research development trends in the world and in Estonia, the need for upgrading the already existing research infrastructures as well as the initiatives for setting up new research infrastructures will be mapped.

A roadmap is a long term (10-20 years) planning instrument that lists research infrastructures of national importance, either new or in need of upgrading. The roadmap will be updated regularly (at an interval of 3 to 5 years) to take into account the changing circumstances and opportunities. Including a research infrastructure into the roadmap does not mean that it will be funded nor ranked but the roadmap will be used as an input for the investment decisions under preparation.

ECAC is funded by 2014-2020.4.01.16-0141.

Purpose of the project is to develop services, enhance the analytical capabilities, enhance the use of scientific instrumentation and their sharing, widen the accreditation scope. As a result, there will be a platform through which a high-level analytical chemistry instrumentation can be shared in addition to provide analytical chemistry services needed by research institutes and industry.

Budget: 1 459 966,00 EUR