Ecobalt conference 2016

EcoBalt 2016 was an international research conference that was held on 9.-12. October 2016  in Tartu, Estonia (in Dorpat conference centre). The conference focused on the most recent scientific and technological developments in the field of environmental analysis, environment and its protection. With the support by the EcoBalt conference series, EcoBalt 2016 was organized by the University of Tartu with Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Environmental Research Centre.




Conference programme

Book of Abstract

For organisation of international events and conferences EcoBalt 2016 received support from Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure in cooperation with the Enterprise Estonia tourism development centre from funding provided by the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Second day of the conference was fully supported by Environmental Investment Centre.


Photo by Sven Zacek


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* They all represented at the conference as well.


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