How to get to Tartu?

Tartu is situated in southern Estonia and connects to the world primarily through Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. Tallinn is easily accessed by plane straight from most Europe largest airports. The Tallinn international airport is located on the edge of that city, on the road to Tartu. The distance between Tallinn airport and Tartu is 180 km. It will take approximately two hours to drive to Tartu.

From Tallinn, Tartu can either be reached by bus or train:
Buses leave almost every 30 minutes from 5.45 in the morning (5.45 a.m.) until 23.59 at night (11.59 p.m.), usually from platform 9. You can find the timetable Most buses take 2,5 hours to reach Tartu. Buses are comfortable and some even offer snacks and drinks for sale. Some buses offer also WiFi service.
When arriving by plane,buses to Tartu leave every hour from 7.05 am until 9.05 pm in front of the airport. Tickets can be bought from (From: Tallinna Lennujaam, To: Tartu Bussijaam) and self-service ticket machine that is located on 0-floor. Bus station is also located on that platform.

Also Tallinn bus terminal is situated quite close to the only airport Tallinn Ülemiste Airport. You can take a taxi or public transportation to get there. As Tallinn airport is a relatively small one, it is easy to find the area where public transportation and taxis are waiting in front of the building. It is also possible to use public transportation, bus No. 2 from the airport stops not too far from the bus terminal (the “Autobussijaam” stop).
When arriving by ship (from Helsinki or Stockholm), Tallinn bus terminal is easier to reached by taxi. Tram No. 2 (towards Ülemiste) or bus No. 2 will take You to Tallinn bus terminal (the “Autobussijaam” stop) from the port, but  you still have to cross 2 intersections to reach the bus terminal.

Trains for Tartu from Tallinn train station leave 3-4 times a day, and it takes a little more than 2 hours to get to Tartu. The train station is situated just outside the Tallinn Old Town and sea port, a taxi or tram No. 2 (from the sea port) can take you there (“Balti jaam” stop).

If your plane arrives at night, when public transportation to Tartu is not available, please contact

Last modified: 15.07.2016