Center of development and analysis of luminescent materials

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Methods based on luminescence (fluorescence of phosphorescence) are increasingly establishing themselves as a main tool for cutting edge research in molecular biology, biomedicine, “omics”, as well as in many fields of technology (sensors, imaging, …). Luminescent compounds and materials – molecular probes, labeling reagents, sensing elements of sensors, etc – are crucial for the developments in the field. Recognizing this, the Center of development and analysis of luminescence materials has been created at the UT Institute of Chemistry. With the aid of the 770 000 EUR support from the EU Regional development fund the center has been equipped with top-notch equipment. Some of it is so new that it is available only as custom-made.

The possibilities of the center have already attracted an unexpectedly large user base from different research groups, so that the instruments are already heavily in use.

Questions, additional information: Ivo Leito (ivo.leito@ut.ee, +372 51 84 176)



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