Almost all experimental sciences need analytical chemistry as a tool. Some very important recent advances made in science have occurred in fact via analytical chemistry: decoding of the human genome (analysis by electrophoresis), the meteorite impact hypothesis of dinosaur extinction (iridium profiling in sediments), etc. Infrastructure that can provide high-level chemical analysis is crucial for assuring the best quality of the research done in Estonia in experimental sciences.

The main objectives of ECAC are:

(1) Pooling of resources and competence to conduct high–quality measurements in analytical chemistry and develop new methods to promote possible scientific breakthroughs. Providing a platform for research work to other research institutes with instruments that are expensive or unavailable for smaller research groups.

(2) Representing Estonian analytical chemistry at the international level, both in basic and applied research.

(3) Creating a single reference point for industry and agencies that are in need of help with chemical analysis: assisting research and development activities in the field of analytical chemistry (i.e. regarding chemicals and materials), practitioner training, proficiency tests, and partnership in various projects;

(4) Supporting high-level education in analytical chemistry and its quality assurance aspects, including university studies.


Last modified: 13.02.2018