What is ECAC?

Estonian Center of Analytical Chemistry is a distributed interdisciplinary scientific research infrastructure for the development and application of modern analytical methods as well as the quality assurance of chemical measurements in research, surveillance and industry laboratories.

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Milestone in catalysis research: approaching sub-ppm-level asymmetric organocatalysis

Recently the Analytical chemistry group of University of Tartu participated in a cutting-edge research endeavor: characterizing the acidity of some extremely efficient strongly acidic organocatalysts. In the case of the […]


From Advancements in Separation Technology to Fundamental Basicity Studies

This is the range of topics addressed on Aug 31, 2018 as PhD dissertations addressing these topics were defended at UT Institute of Chemistry (lead partner of ECAC) by Sofja […]


ECAC participates in the Pan-European Network of Fundamental pH Research UnipHied

Initiated by the University of Tartu, the pan-European research network of fundamental pH Research UnipHied started in May 2018. Why is such network needed? As of now, it is not […]


Comparative validation of amperometric and optical dissolved oxygen sensors

A comprehensive comparative validation for two different types of dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzers, amperometric and optical, together with estimation of measurement uncertainty is presented in the recently published article I. […]


Measurement uncertainty online course (MOOC) 2018 edition successfully finished!

On May 14, 2018 the on-line course (MOOC) Estimation of measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis offered by University of Tartu finished successfully. Eventually altogether 521 people registered (270 in 2014, […]